about us

Bi-weekly content on humans and their surrounding.

We’ve grown accustomed to view everything from our tiny modern life bubble. We’ve grown so dependent on technology, entertainment, and social media in ways we don’t understand.

Earthly Humans is a self exploring journey and an initiative to make lives more meaningful, by allowing people to connect, understand, and enjoy the melodic convergence of earth and humans. This is our visison, but we’ll execute it differently.

We believe that simple is better than complex, and that less is actually more. So we won’t be wasting your time with fluff, instead we’ll use a serene combination of thoughts and art to convey our message.

Contact (call me maybe?)

Feel free to drop in an email at [email protected]. We’ve got a ninja monkey deployed (yeah that’s me) who will take care of the emails you send.

Fun fact: Gaia is the goddess of earth. She’s the mother of all gods, titans, and the entire universe in the greek mythology. In religions and mythologies all across the world, there is a great importance given to the earth, maybe it’s time we give her too!